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Glycyphana papua

31/01/2015 18:35
Please have a look at the various forms of Glycyphana papua and G. pulchra just collected this year.

Mt Surprise Dec 2012

08/12/2012 16:37
Some Castiarina have emerged in early December around Mt Surprise Qld, two species were collected on the same trees with Hemipharis insularis. Take a look at them in our photogallery. I'm unsure if these species normally emerge this early or if some unseason very hot weather has caused this....

Mt Garnet and Georgetown

09/02/2012 00:00
A couple more species from north-west Queensland. Have a look at the photogallery. Most were found on Bloodwood flowers and a few from Ironbark flowers as well.

Cairns and Atherton Tablelands

31/12/2011 13:22
A few early emerging beetles in Dec 2011 expect a lot more in Jan-Feb 12.


23/10/2011 17:37
latest picture is possibly an unknown Chrysomelin leaf beetle from south west of Georgetown.

New -Nth Western Queensland specimens

20/04/2011 13:30
Take a look at a few new specimens from Nth Western Queensland, one possible new species!

New photos added

20/03/2011 18:26
Take a look at some new species added March 20th!

New to the web

24/02/2011 16:42
Site under construction.

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24/02/2011 06:17
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